Introverts Unite! Separately, in our own homes...

Introverts Unite: alone, in the comfort of our homes, behind our computer… I am not the clever person who coined this, but when I read it, I literally LOL’d. To me, it is the epitome of the introvert’s life. In this world of living out loud, oversharing and FOMO, I feel that introverts are often undervalued and misunderstood. The true definition of an introvert is simple - a person who draws energy internally from their thoughts and spirit, vs. externally from other people and stimuli. Statisically, we are in the minority and as such, sometimes feel overwhelmed by all of the extroverted expectations of our modern day world. Here’s the thing - we are genetically programmed to be one or the other, without choice. No one questions why my eyes are blue. The same should hold true for my introverted soul! For me, things get extra confusing as I am an introvert living an extremely extroverted professional life. I am in sales and marketing for a retirement community. This role requires me to make engaging small talk with strangers and be “on”, forty plus hours a week. My entreprenerial life has taken that a BIG step further, with corresponding, teaching and presenting about essential oils, Reiki and other holistic lifestyle practices. As I’ve been a professional extrovert for most of my adult life, I’m now pretty adept at this tight rope balancing act. I still need to remind my collegues on the regular that I need to have quiet time to myself upon returning from a meeting to recharge and recenter. I find that the weeks that I’ve been super “out there” in my work life that I must forego even the most enticing social activities, if I’m feeling depleted. That is truly the key to (dare I say) staying balanced, as an introvert. We must listen to our mind, body and soul and get refueled, as needed. the world and the majority of our extroverted family and friends, probably aren’t changing anytime soon, what can we do to thrive? I’ve got a few ideas. First, accept and take pride in your introverted self. We are the creatives, great minds, healers, dreamers and best friends of the extroverts out there. Without us, the world would be much less awesome, that is for sure! Second, listen to your body and inner voice. They will tell you when you need to take time to refuel and get right with yourself. Introverted moms, I’m ESPECIALLY talking to YOU. I know #momlife is set up to care for everyone before yourself. While that’s a whole different topic, let me just say that self-care is not selfish. It is vital, for you to be able to fully give to others, even more so for the introvert. Finally, determine what works best for you. For me, I’ve found that daily Reiki, meditation and essential oils provide the balance, fuel and grounding I require. Eating whole, nutritious foods and spending time outside are bonus points. If you are beyond busy, schedule the personal time in. No, really - put it on your calendar. If nothing else, it is a reminder that this is important, not only for you, but for everyone in your circle who needs you to be at your best.

OK, my introverted brothers and sisters, I wanna hear from you. What are your best tips to stay balanced in our overstimulating, hectic and extroverted world? Post your comments below. It’s easily the introverts dream, you can engage, anonymously, in the safety of your home base. I got you. After all, we’re in this, together. Alone, but together.

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