Manifest the Life of your Dreams in 5 Simple Steps

Manifest the LIfe of Your Dreams in 5 Simple Steps

Are you ready to manifest the life of your dreams? I’m guessing that you ARE, as you came upon this blog post, and my friends, this did not occur by accident. Before we begin, let’s discuss the word, “manifest”. The dictionary definition is to “bring forth and make evident”. This is often related to a situation of which we are not in control. This is not good or bad, it is just is. Luckily when it comes to manifesting our dreams, desires and goals, there are specific steps we can (and should) take, to help the process move forward. Let me pause right here to note that this guide was not solely created by me. I’m a spiritual junkie and as such have gleaned knowledge from numerous inspired souls. Message me for info on some of my faves, so that you may explore deeper. But first, here’s my 5 steps:

1. Get Specific - The universe wishes to fulfill your every desire. With that established, we must be very clear on just exactly what those desires are. This will come easier to some than others. It’s ok if you can’t describe every characteristic, feature or detail. But, determine as best you can what you would like to occur, and when. Establishing a timeline is important for goal setting, and important for manifesting. Just a friendly heads up though, universal timing and earthly timing are not always aligned. Be prepared to go with the flow. A great way to fine tune your manifestation details is journaling. Write down everything that comes to mind. It doesn’t have to make sense. It may seem totally far-fetched. No one’s going to read this but you, so put those worries aside and get your thoughts on paper.

2. Be Consistent - This is good advice for pretty much every aspect of life. It is especially important for the manifestation process. Once we have a specific passion in our heart, our higher self already recognizes this as a reality. If we aren’t consistent, the energy shifts toward the ideas that are regularly being presented. I love to manifest in bed, just before I get up and before I am falling asleep at night. LIke mediation, these two times seem to be ideal to allow my mind to slow down and visualize clearly. It also begins and ends my day on a very positive note. Double win.

3. Use Conscious Language - Again, this is not advice specific to manifestation. This is a practice that will uplevel every aspect of our “being”. Conscious language is the use of words to positively align with our goals and desires, in the present tense. Using phrases such as “I am”, “I will”, “I choose”, vs. “I want”, “I need”, “I hope”, causes our higher self and the universe to register as if they are already true. This shift can be very challenging. I get it. It takes practice but if you catch yourself using a word that indicates lack, fear or indecision, mentally say, “cancel, delete and refresh”, then re-phrase in a positive way. Eventually, you’ll be that annoying, uhm...cancel/delete and refresh, positive, life giving, friend helping those around you to do the same!

4. Trust in the process - This is very tough, especially for the control freaks, planners and organizers, like myself. Faith is of the utmost importance. Whatever that faith looks like, be it God, your higher self, the universe, love, etc. know that there is a force beyond what we can fully comprehend that is guiding us. I believe that every soul has a purpose and a mission. I love the phrase, “if it’s IN you, it’s FOR you.” In my life, the timing of the desires of my heart often take waaay longer than I would like. But, the dreams come to fruition and that is ultimately what is most important, yes? So, I guess, I’m telling all of y’all what I must tell myself. Trusting means being patient.

5. Believe - OK, you knew I was going to include this. Believe to achieve. See it, be it. Once we believe that something is possible, it is. Don’t get too bogged down by the how and when. Focus on the what and why. What do you want to occur? Why is this important to you? Yes, we do have to then take inspired action for the how but don’t fret about that during the manifestation process. I would say that belief is the most important aspect towards manifesting our goals and desires. It can take some time to fully believe. Do the steps and keep focused. The belief will grow, along with your power of manifestation practice.

So..there you go. 5 simple steps to manifest the life your your dreams. I’m excited to hear where this leads you. Please share your manifestation successes so that we may all cheer you on!! Dream life, here we COME!

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